Epidemic prevention technology from Novogiene is here to ensure a safer life for you and your clientele.
We are working towards a better, safer world for humanity by combatting current and future empidemics.

About Novogiene

Novogiene is a medtech startup focused on epidemic prevention and mitigation. We were originally established in 2021 in response to the global coronavirus pandemic in hopes of solving the problem of this disease, as well as preventing future epidemics through our innovative products.

As our first product developed, so did our vision, as well as our company. Our focus has become one of leading in epidemic prevention technology. While we remain committed to developing products for hygiene and sanitation, that is just one offering for our larger vision of infectious disease prevention and epidemic mitigation.

Our Vision

We aim to make our products and our brand ubiquitous, to be in as many locations as possible to best prevent the current and future spread of illness.
We also plan to offer a white label production service for large corporate customers to provide specially branded products for their businesses.

Our Products

Hygiene and Sanitation

Novogiene Automatic Handwash Assistant D-0001 (Base Model)

A simple yet extraordinary device when it comes to epidemic mitigation, this device is designed to fight the spread of infectious disease at the most accessible level: by improving the efficiency of washing one's hands. U.S Patent Pending.

Contact Us

Contact us here for further inquiries or to make a connection. info@novogiene.com